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Animal Transport Services


Animal Transport Services

Pets En Transit is South Africa’s number one animal transport service. The Pets En Transit team understand your concerns when relocating your cherished furry family members. We are entirely dedicated to making this process easy, hassle-free and above all else, comfortable for your precious cargo.

With over 54 years of experience in pet care and pet transportation, our hands-on and manager run company guarantees the most secure and relaxed adventure for your pets. We will do whatever it takes to provide your important family members with a smooth and stress-free travel venture.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”
(Anatole France)

Moving or Immigrating…what about your pets?

Pets En Transit – Your Local and Worldwide Pet Connection

Your Local and Worldwide Pet Connection

Pets En Transit is not merely a business, we work as a tight knit family and aim to provide a service dedicated to creating a loving and caring environment for your pets during this stressful time. We honour the love that you have for your pets, and provide a service that emphasises comfort and peace of mind, for you, and of course, for your beloved pets.

We understand that your pets are more than simply animals, they are individuals with their own personalities and character traits. Our team is made up of professional animal behaviourists and handlers. With our valuable years of experience, we are able to plan journeys based around the personality and temperament of your fuzzy children. If your pets are curious creatures, we will transport them in an open crate so that they may have a view of their adventure. If your pet has an anxious and jittery personality, we will design a comfortable space that will give them a sense of protection and ease, all crates are made to IATA specs.

Every member of our team has an innate love and passion for animals, and will treat your pets with the compassion and care that they deserve on their journey. Our philosophy is that the animals always come first. Their safety and comfort are our number one priority and we will create a unique service, tailored specifically to suit your animals habits and original character.

Animal Transport Services

The travelling services that we offer include:

- Customised animal transport services, designed for comfort, safety and peace of mind
- Custom designed crates made to suit your fluffy kids and their individual personalities
- Animal Behaviourists/ pet handlers to assist in planning your pet’s journey
- We provide on-site kennelling and will be by your animal’s side throughout their stay with us
- The best veterinary care available
- Grooming services to make sure your pet is sent on their journey in absolute comfort

We work closely as a team and establish a relationship with all our clients (both human and furry.)

Pets En Transit… your local and worldwide pet connection!