about pet grooming company

Your Local and Worldwide Pet Connection

Pets en Transit is a family owned and manager run company that prides itself on providing a loving, comfortable and personalised transportation service for all beloved pets. We have been in the pet transporting and pet housing world for over 57 years. We are inspired and dedicated to delivering the best of services, whether your fluffy family member is being transported down the road or across the seas.

We pay attention to detail and will do whatever it takes to give your precious ‘children’ the most comfortable journey possible. Pet en Transit offers a transportation service of the highest standards, above and beyond that of the industry norm. This is because Pets en Transit is not just a ‘business’ to us. Our highly skilled team shares a deep love for animals and we perform our tasks with compassion, empathy and warmth. The Pets en Transit team understands the love that you have for your pets, and we will always respect the bond between yourself and your cherished animals.

Pets en Transit are highly trained in sorting out the travel documents and paperwork regulations from different countries. In our 57 years of experience we have witnessed and have been a part of the regulation changes in the industry. We are always up to date with these changes and will never falter in our practices.

Creating a Comfortable Journey

“Pets are not our whole life… but they make our lives whole” (Roger Caras)

Pets en Transit is a member of IPATA. IPATA is an international network of pet and animal re-locators. We have worked alongside IPATA for years and we have developed close and family-like relationships with the most superior and accredited pet handlers on all ends of the world. Once your pets have arrived at their destination, we can assure you that they will be greeted by a trusted member of the international Pets en Transit family.

With so many years in the business, we have also developed extremely trusted relationships with the airlines that we use for pet transportation. All of the compartments are pressurised and temperature controlled, and we have ensure that your beloved pets will be comfortable, safe and secure during their journey.

The crates that we use to transport your treasured animals are all handmade and of exceptional quality. All these crates are created with your pet’s individual personality and requirements in mind – attention to detail is essential in what we do. We will measure your pet and design the most perfect and cosy ‘home’ for your 4-legged children. A fixed water bowl, shredded newspaper and blankets will be placed in the crate so as to fashion a homely environment for the journey.