Quotation is subject to airfreight, fuel surcharge increases, and any other airline charges raised after acceptance of this quotation. Routing to destination from point of departure may be changed without prior notice in order to adhere to embargos and airline regulations; these change at very short notice.  PETS EN TRANSIT reserves the right to choose shortest / best route and airline for pets travel; we will endeavour to advise the owner however this may not always be possible, if late notice changes are made.  The quotation is for transport during business hours of 08h00 – 17h00 Monday to Friday, any transport out of these hours (incl public holidays) may incur a surcharge for the owner / bill payer’s account.Pets are handle with the understanding that PETS EN TRANSIT, their agents, kennels, airline and veterinarian are at no time to be held responsible for the loss, death, illness, injury or accident due to any cause, either natural, accidental or negligence.  PETS EN TRANSIT or its agent cannot be held responsible for airline delays, cancellation of flights, incorrect routing by airlines, loss of veterinary documents by airlines, or strikes by airline staff.  At time of quoting, airline routing is correct, PETS EN TRANSIT will not be held responsible or liable due to additional charges incurred in the event of Live Animal Embargos being placed on certain routes or airlines change of aircraft or routing inturn not being able to accommodate the pet as originally quoted.

The quotation or estimate is based on the height and length of the pet(s), or dimensions of the travel container.  If there is an increase in the estimated size of the dog or cat, extra freight charges are for the owners account.  Our handling charges in this quotation are valid for 60 days.  Quotations are based on current tariffs, as freight tariffs are subject to change without prior notice.  Any increases are for the client’s account.  Addtional charges for kenneling and extra trips to the airport, home, or kennels are for the client’s account, as are charges levied at port of destination.  After hours or weekend surcharges are imposed on collections and deliveries outside normal working hours :- 08h00 – 17h00 weekdays.  PETS EN TRANSIT is authorized to seek veterinary attention should this be required whilst the pets are in boarding kennels or in our care.  Any veterinary charges are for the client’s account.  We reserve the right not to handle vicious dogs.

All boarding costs are for the client’s account, and for animals staying for long or indefinite periods, accounts are to be settled MONTHLY in advance.  When a kennel account falls into arrears PETS EN TRANSIT reserves the right, at their discretion, to dispose of such pets, unclaimed or unpaid for, TEN (10) DAYS after the due date.  Should departure dates be delayed, extra kenneling costs are for the client’s account , and must be settled prior to the departure of the pets.

PETS EN TRANSIT’S conditions for the handling and shipment of pets are that payment is to be made by cash, electronic funds transfer, credit card or by bank issued cheque prior to the departure of the pets.  In the case where a pre-approved company will be settling the costs, we require a written company order or letter of acceptance by the pre-approved company which shall in no way affect the client’s liability in respect of any and all costs due and payable to PETS EN TRANSIT.  Deposit of 15% is charged for all travel and where travel does not take place, this amount is at no time refundable and is allocated to administrative charges of work done on the file before cancellation.  Where additional charges are incurred for travel or related pet services, payment may be settled by a representative locally by cash, electronic funds transfer, credit card or by bank issued cheque prior to the pet’s departure.

In the event of the client failing to pay any amount due to PETS EN TRANSIT on the due date and PETS EN TRANSIT instructing its attorney to recover any amount due by the client the client hereby agrees that he shall be liable for the payment of all legal costs incurred to PETS EN TRANSIT from  the attorney and client scale and collection commission.

When pets require kennelling in local boarding kennels valid inoculation certificates MUST be produced.  Inoculation and deworming to be carried out at least TWO (2) WEEKS prior to admission into kennels and THIRTY (30) days prior to international travel.  Failure in producing these certificates for any reason whatsoever will result in a fee per pet payable directly to PETS EN TRANSIT by the client for inoculation fees prior to collection.

Inoculations for dogs : SIX-IN-ONE, cats : THREE-IN-ONE and rabies for both dogs and cats.  Valid for ONE (1) YEAR and to have been done more than THIRTY (30) DAYS prior to entry.  It remains the client’s responsibility to ensure that pet’s vaccinations are up to date, as they then stand less risk of either carrying or contracting Kennel Cough or Sniffles.  Puppies under three (3) months old may travel on their mother’s valid Rabies & Inoculation Certificate which need to be produced in original form.

Animals may not be tranquilised or sedated for any air travel, where tranquillisers are needed or specifically requested, tranquillisers are STRICTLY to be arranged by client and prescribed and issued by client’s own veterinarian.  PETS EN TRANSIT must be pre-notified so arrangements may be made with airlines as to if they will allow travel or not.  PETS EN TRANSIT will not be held responsible for over dosage, any side effects or death due to poorly administered / prescribed tranquillisers.

To be done at least ONE (1) HOUR prior to collection / departure, or as prescribed by veterinarian.

On acceptance of the quotation issued by Pets En Transit, a 15% deposit becomes immediately due.  In the event that the shipment is cancelled or does not happen this nominal 15% deposit will at no time be refundable to the client as this is charged for administration fees.  In the event that the client has paid in full, for shipment / transport / services, the 15% deposit will still be levied on all refunds.  Amounts due for when a pet is in kennels and any vet fees that have been incurred whilst in our care will still be payable by the client prior to release of the pet.  When a shipment or service is cancelled within 24 hours prior to departure the administration charges will be 25% of the total cost.  In the event that the client has paid for destination charges / fees in advance, the onus lies with the client to recover these fees or charges paid.